Electric Car Conversion Kit – Electric Vehicle Conversion Made Simple

Owning a car can be an expensive experience. Apart from the lease payment, the next biggest expense is the gasoline bill. Back in 2008, gas prices reached its historically high and many automobile owners were having a hard time to make ends meet. Because of that, many people are taking proactive action by converting their gasoline driven car to run on alternative energy such as electricity.

At present, a new electric vehicle (EV) from a manufacturer is still relatively expensive. The second best option to own an EV is through a conversion project. The fastest way to start a retrofitting project is by using an electric car conversion kit.

The work involved in an EV conversion is to take out the internal combustion engine and replace it with an electric motor. Without the engine, all its supporting components such as fuel pump, fuel lines, exhaust pipe, radiator etc are also removed as well. To move the car, the electric motor is connected to the existing transmission. Most electric car conversion kit will have a steel joining plate and a shaft coupler. These are the most important parts for the conversion project. Since all car models have different internal measurements, it is important to make sure the modified joining components fit your car model. Failing to do so will incur additional cost and time needed to custom made the parts.

Electric vehicle conversion can be a complicated process if you do not know the inner workings of a car. In this case, the best option is to outsource the conversion work to a procession mechanic. By doing this, you will same a lot of time and any unnecessary headache.